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Low Power FM Equipment Guide

One of the most important considerations for LPFM planning is the level and quality of technology to be used. We are pleased to offer the Low Power FM Equipment Guide prepared for the Microradio Implementation Project by Michael Brown of Brown Broadcast Services.

We will continue to revise and update this information and welcome your comments to this guide and further equipment suggestions in our website forum discussions. If you cannot download this PDF file, e-mail us and we will send a hard copy via regular post. We also encourage the relationship building between your LPFM project and a local community, university, or public radio station for used equipment, installation, and training. You may also want to review other LPFM websites for additional suggestions.

In planning your technology or using existing set-ups, another option is to talk with your local community cable TV access project. There are creative and collaborative partnerships that are emerging between LPFM and local public access groups throughout the nation, especially with the availability of their recording studios, editing rooms, even antenna locations. Soon, we will have several of these models described on this website.

This guide is available in a PDF (Portable Document Format) file, which can be opened using the Adobe Acrobat Reader which is free to download here.

You can download the whole guide in pdf format by clicking here.

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