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FCC public notice for window four LPFM applicants

LPFM 'singletons'in Oregon (42), Tennessee (31), Texas (81), Vermont (22), U.S. Virgin Islands (1), West Virginia (17) were accepted for filing by the Federal Communications Commission May 23, 2002. This means that there were no competing applicants for the same fequency and that they comply with all LPFM requirements. Groups in mutually exclusive situations in these states, that is competing for the same frequency, will be announced in a subsequent notice. In addition, June 24, 2002 was cited as the deadline for filing Petitions to Deny against applicants who local groups have cause to believe are not in compliance with LPFM rules and regulations. The Microradio Implementation Project offers informationabout how to file these as well as Informal Objections.

FCC press release